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Mark Your Calendars!

These next few months are shaping up to be a busy time at Waredaca and we want to make sure you mark your calendars with all the important dates! From pairing up with… Continue reading

Meet the Boarders: Carmen & Berry

Berry Berry Bueno “Berry” came into my life Spring of 2015 from a program called Turning For Home out of Parx Racing. I was driving home and a messaged popped up on my… Continue reading

Meet The Boarders: Ron, Luba & Jasper Abrams

Before Jasper became known as a boarder, he was a beloved school horse that showed the ropes of eventing to many riders. One of his past riders, Paige Snyder, shares a few special… Continue reading

New Year, Better Waredaca!

Waredaca is indeed an ‘EVENTING EDUCATION CENTER’! Why? What makes Waredaca so different from other ‘eventing’ barns? Besides having an exceptional facility for boarding, training and competing, all at one location, we boast two… Continue reading

Pony Club In-House Rally

The Waredaca Pony Clubbers celebrated Halloween with an in-house event rally!

Event Clinics Presents: Road to the Three Day

Kate and Cider are back blogging with an update on their final preparations for the Three Day including a lesson with Lead Three Day clinician, Eric Smiley!

Event Clinics Presents: Road to the Three Day

Let the countdown begin!! Read on to check in with Brandi and Topper in their final preparations for the Classic.

Annual Boarder Picnic!

The Annual Boarder Picnic was a resounding success! Always great to get the Waredaca family together…especially when crabs & beer are involved.

Road to the Three Day: Learning to Fly

Among the unique aspects of the long format is perhaps the most exciting: steeplechase. Blogger Brandi Williams walks us through her first attempt at Fair Hill Training Center.

Road to the Three Day: Third Time’s the Charm

Here, we hear from Kate Rakowski, a born and bred hunter/jumper rider who has crossed over to join the wonderful world of eventing. After two unsuccessful attempts at the long format, she’s hoping that third time’s the charm!