New Year, Better Waredaca!

Waredaca is indeed an ‘EVENTING EDUCATION CENTER’! Why? What makes Waredaca so different from other ‘eventing’ barns? Besides having an exceptional facility for boarding, training and competing, all at one location, we boast two generations of successful upper level eventing instructors, Gretchen Butts and Steph Butts Kohr, each having trained and competed through the top levels of the sport.

Boarding at Waredaca offers continuous access to excellent hacking and conditioning thru the rolling fields of the farm and abundant adjacent natural parkland.  Cross-country jumps are everywhere for progressive training with any of our experienced eventing instructors.  Plus hosting 5 competitions annually, as well as summer evening schooling and informal in-house present many opportunities for practice and competitive performance.  Not to mention our monthly ‘expert days’ with top professionals in dressage and jumping.

In addition to what is already provided, we are offering a monthly TUESDAY EVENT TALK series—-discussions about various eventing topics that offer insight to any level of rider.   At no charge to our boarders and current lesson students, others are welcome for a fee of $10.  Light refreshments will be provided.   Advance sign up required via email: no later than the Sunday preceding the 6:30 Tuesday Talk Night.

Our 2016 Calendar begins on January 4* a MONDAY this month:  An Evening with International Eventer Colleen Rutledge…she will entertain and educate you with her tales from competing in Europe this past summer representing Team USA!


Here is the rest of the 2016 line up to date:

  • February 2…Join Kathy White, licensed Eventing Jumping Course Designer and Eventing r Technical Delegate as she discusses her theory about course design, why she chooses a particular fence in a particular sequence on any course and so on.  Practice some course design strategies yourself in a hands on practical group exercise with her guidance!
  • Mark the 15th of March on your calendar and video judge various dressage tests with Gretchen Butts, national and international Eventing Judge.  Get some practical advice about the view from C from someone very active in the education of licensed eventing officials and watching you down the centerline!
  • Local veterinarian Peter Radue, himself a former event rider, will give   useful advice on how to assess your horses top line—from the poll to the tail.  Is there really a problem or not? And if so, how to track the cause.  Join him on April 26thfor this topic plus advice on what every horse owner should have in their own ‘vet box’ for stable use and for travel.  Helpful and sensible.
  • Ever wonder why cross-country course designers put this fence or that one on any specific course?  On May 31, go for a ‘coursewalk’ with Robert Butts and Jeff Kibbie, both licensed ‘r’ Eventing Course Designers, and Steph Kohr and Katherine Rizzo, both certified lower level eventing course designers, as they do a walking discussion of lower level philosophy and course design.
  • Very popular Classic Three Day Eric Smiley returns to Waredaca on MONDAY, June 27.  When he decides exactly what he wishes to talk about, it will be announced but you can be certain it will be informative!
  • What are the best grids and distances to practice when you are working on your own at home?  Stephen Bradley and Steph Kohr will help you answer that question with hands on exercises with demo riders on Tuesday, July 12.

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