Meet The Boarders: Ron, Luba & Jasper Abrams

Before Jasper became known as a boarder, he was a beloved school horse that showed the ropes of eventing to many riders. One of his past riders, Paige Snyder, shares a few special memories she shared with Jasper. 

Paige & Jasper

From Paige,

Hi! I’m Paige Snyder and if you don’t already know me, I live at Waredaca and compete with the Waredaca Pony Club Riding Center! In the summer of 2014, Jasper was my Pony Club rally horse (which meant I would ride him in all my shows).  That same summer, Ron and Luba Abrams were in the process of looking for a horse and decided that Jasper was the one! The only problem was, they decided Jasper was the one, right in the middle of rally season!

That left me in a pickle. I have known the Abrams since I was in pre-school and our parents are pretty good friends. When the Abrams said that I could use Jasper for the rest of my rally season I was practically jumping with joy.

In the end my team and I placed 1st in horse management and pretty well in riding. I placed my ribbons on him:)!  I rewarded Jasper for his hard work with a lllllllot of carrots and then turned him out. I am so thankful that the Abrams bought him and I hope they love him as much as I do.

From Luba & Ron,

My husband, Ron, and I are middle-aged adults with children the same age as Paige. We felt terrible when we realized that our gain (Jasper “the Loveable Lug”) was Paige’s heartbreak. Ron and I have been lucky that so many of our fellow Waredaca boarders (we have owned two other horses that we kept at Waredaca prior to purchasing Jasper) have been generous in lending their horses to us over the years.

We had been looking for a nice, calm horse that we could share with those who have been kind to us – and we are thrilled to have Paige give Jasper love and exercise when we are not wrestling over him ourselves!

Jasper & Ron competing at the Waredaca Starter Horse Trials.

Why Do The Abrams LOVE Waredaca?
We ride and board a horse at Waredaca, because there are excellent opportunities for us to have fun and improve.  Specifically, we have access to many excellent instructors (including guest instructors) who challenge us in a positive way. Through Waredaca, we both have a horse who is the perfect level for our goals.  One more very important thing is that everyone at Waredaca is interested in helping each other.  If riding wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t do it.


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