The Jim Baker Sportsmanship Award

This year, Waredaca is honored to commemorate the life of Jim Baker, a longtime supporter, competitor and friend at the Waredaca 3 Day with the Jim Baker Sportsmanship Award. Two awards will be given, one to a Novice 3 Day competitor and one to a Training 3 Day competitor. 

Awardees should embody the following:

  • dedication to horse’s well-being, including the fitness, training and overall happiness of the horse

    Jim and Jim (Suzy’s husband, right).
  • commitment to personal fitness in the best interest of the horse and performance
  • desire to contribute to and encourage fellow competitors’ success
  • focus on fitness and enjoyment over score or ribbon

Special consideration will be given to an amateur rider who balances competition with a full-time job.

From Jim’s sister, Suzy:

“My sister, Sally, me and my brother Jim grew up riding together – started fox hunting then moved to the show ring and then onto eventing.

Suzy and Jim at the 2013 Waredaca 3 Day.

For “vacation” as families in the recent ~ 6+ years ….. we would plan to meet and compete at HT like the Waredaca 3 day or the VA HT where we would ride as a team in the team competitions….

Where most families choose to meet at a beach for vacation, we would meet up for the week at Waredaca and compete in the 3 day – (in the mud, rain, cold ….. 🙂 🙂 :))

Sally and Jim at Waredaca in 2012.

I attached some pics – one of me and my brother (year 2013), and one of Sally and my brother (year 2012)-
and one (year 2013) of my husband Jim and brother Jim –
– that year (2013) the electrical connection to the barn was in the parking area, every time someone drove over it, we lost power (lights) in the barn. It made braiding for the jog ups really tough !!!  Brother Jim, an engineer, was constantly going out and fixing it. Finally he and husband Jim (retired Marine) made some sort of box to protect the connection so we didn’t lose power anymore…….
– and you can talk to Cindy Wood who was the stable manager about the number of issues that came up where brother Jim went to fix it, getting a truck unstuck, fixing stabling (flooding) issues, helping bandage a bruised horse foot – you name it. We had to keep an eye on time so that Jim got on his horse to ride 🙂
– and we always showed up at the 10 min box to help others with their horses when we weren’t doing ours – something my brother started with us the first time we rode there (in 2011 I think ???)

we have lots of fun memories of our family vacations ….. this year will be the first we have ever been to the 3 day without him …. ”


We would like to thank Suzy and Sally for allowing us the pleasure of honoring Jim as well as the opportunity to recognize competitors who exemplify superior horsemanship and sportsmanship. Winners will be presented with a framed recognition as well as a copy of Jack LeGoff’s book “Horses Came First, Second and Last,” upon its release.



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